Monday, January 16, 2006

Week two, thus far.

Just to prove I can still exist in the present moment and not skipping ahead to week four.... Heh. Seriously, I've gotten a lot of the exercises done. This is good since the odds of my having a free moment to think this week are low; I will be on call for work starting tomorrow. I guess this week, and especially this coming weekend I'll find out how hard it is to handle this while on call!

My Artist's Date is done, because really, even in-house ADs are hard while on call (as I must be interruptible at all times - not so cool with the ADs!). I went to Powell's (a local bookstore; I went to Beaverton, not downtown, for those who know them) and browsed around. Then I came home, checked what the library had, and went back and got three books. Two on creativity, one novel by an author whose work I'd liked before. (I have a partly-used gift card that I used to get these, so it didn't cost me any of my own money except for the gas, which made it a bigger treat.) I also did a lot of photography on the drive there and back, just playing around with the camera. Most of it was while the car was moving so it may not be the best. I want to try and get out for a photography walk; if that doesn't happen today, it won't happen for at least a week.

Listing twenty unique things I enjoy doing was hard. My mind kept blanking, like, "there's supposed to be more?" Of course I thought of a couple more as soon as I hit #20. I have done many of them recently, but others I haven't, and at least one I only did recently because of pure coincidence! I really like hanging out with my friends in person, and yet most of them are now in other states. But one of them decided to do a road trip up the west coast and while she was here, on Saturday, we hung out for a couple hours. It was great! And another friend and I will get together not this coming week but the week after, hopefully (still sorting out plans). So I think the universe was already reminding me of this one, which I might not have thought of without Saturday's visit, it's been so bloody long.

I used to like to write letters, too, and only in the past month or two have I gotten back into the habit of snail-mail correspondence. To be fair, blogging/journalling is a partial substitute for that. But only a partial one.

I've picked out three that I haven't done for a while, all of which I can do at home while on call, and stated I'll do two of the three this week. I'll pick which two depending on the mood I'm in.

And on my ten tiny changes list, I was surprised to have one pop up - "Have a weekend retreat by myself, and no 'net". It was the last three words that shocked me. I'm highly attached to my internet because it's how I access everyone, and yet here I am saying I wish it would go away! But what would people think if I vanished for two whole days? What would I think?

Maybe I should try it. Maybe I should try it as part of week four, when I'm supposed to be cutting my reading anyway.... It's a slightly scary thought, but exhilerating. Of course, where I'd go I'm not sure - inherent in this thought is not wanting to be at home for it, too many things-to-be-done and distractions here. But I have some ideas, there are a couple possibilities that are within a reasonable driving distance. Hmmm.

Edited to add: Hmmm indeed. Not as easy as I thought. The place I was most strongly thinking of - which would be in many ways ideal - to get to it requires traction devices (by law) until April. Granted I have chains, but I do not want to go where I may need them. Though I may just try that one after chains won't be needed. The rates are reasonable and include food, and the location's ideal.

It's too early in the year to camp out, so meanwhile, my second choice is a little more spendy than I'd like. I may not be able to do this just yet, though I'm still hunting alternatives. (I could do a retreat weekend where I came home to sleep, provided I found somewhere close enough for driving. I'd rather stay overnight Saturday, but that would be an alternative if cost is an issue.)

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Cheryl said...

I love Powell's. I'm so jealous you live close to one. I get their daily emails and visit them at PDX when I fly through.