Thursday, January 05, 2006


I am reminded of all the reasons I abandoned this blog. Part of it was lack of inspiration and that I should work on, yes. But a lot of it was the interface. LiveJournal's so easy compared to this. I concede defeat on getting a blogroll into the template. I had to hand-edit the links so I just suggested the links at Kat's Paws to find more people doing AW. Argh.

I'm not feeling very creative right now. I feel like throwing a screaming hissy-fit at the software I am using. I should have set up another LJ except I don't want this on LJ for some reason (separation? or maybe just the likelihood that I'd get my logins confused, whereas here I really can't).

I'm sure I'll like this interface better when I've gotten used to it. I disliked LJ at first too. But the template thing...well. I don't think this page is ever gonna look much better because I really dislike editing the code and fussing with it. Especially when it doesn't work. At least I got the template's stupid empty link list that I did not want off the page....

Sorry for the venting. I'm sure it won't be the last but hopefully most of it will at least be somehow related to creativity or something, rather than the blog tools. Sigh.

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kat said...

hang in there! learning a new system can be annoying, but there's a bunch of people new to blogger doing the aw, so you won't be alone in figuring out all the little stuff!! the help pages are pretty good if you're really struggling.