Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Revealing the future.

We normally get day planners, at work. The company supplies them each year. This year the office manager sent a note that apparently we weren't getting them, but perhaps we could buy our own and expense them. It sounded like a statement, really, but I think now that she was actually making a statement. The planners showed up - only a couple weeks before the end of 2005, but so what? They were in time.

I'd picked up, not a day planner at her advice, but a page-a-day (actually, not quite - the weekends are a single page each) calendar because in truth, all I use the day planner for most of the time is to cross off days. And so now I had this calendar I did not need and certainly I could not expense it; briefly, I was annoyed with the matter, and then I reminded myself to look positive. The day planner was small and boring; the page-a-day calendar had lovely pictures of Ireland on it.

I am so glad I took that attitude. Each day now I go in and pull off the previous day (or days, for weekends/holidays) wit a sense of curiosity and adventure, to see what the picture will be and whether I will like it. Yesterday was a very cute baby goat. Today was a dramatic picture of a storm, to go with the wild windstorm we had last night (and which continued, in much milder form, today).

I like it. I like this feeling that I am not crossing off days as I get through them, but revealing the future as I step into it. Not merely counting time, but seeking the blessings a new day might bring. Such a small change of format - such a large change of thought!

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