Monday, January 16, 2006


Today has been really good so far. I got up and lit candles in the computer room, so that it smelled like sugar ("toffee" candles but they mostly smell sweet, not like toffee or anything) and then later like pine ("mistletoe" scent from Yankee, picked up at Christmastime). I played around online. I did the exercises. And then I walked away from the computer and books to bake lemon bars (out of a box: I am not a real enthusiastic cook unless it's made quite easy for me, and somewhat not then). While things were actually baking, I was paying bills for the week and then writing thank-you notes to people. I still need to write actual letters to a couple other folks, but the thank-you notes were done and I'm pleased with myself.

I'm also pleased with my new gel pens. I did give in and buy the ones that were on sale (it was a good price, now hopefully they all last until I can use them - 100 gel pens, what was I thinking?). But oh, I'm so glad I did even if it was impulsive and perhaps silly. They're gorgeous! At least the two I have tried so far are. Among the colors is a lovely black that when the light hits it right looks just like a normal black ballpoint, or perhaps a bit broader stroke - but at another angle it glitters like there was mica all through it. I'm thrilled with it! And a green that does similar except it's such a bright green that even when it's not glittering it looks quite vivid and unusual. I am so so happy. I love happy bright colors. I love pretty papers to write on. I'd allowed myself to fall out of the habit of correspondence, but I don't enjoy the papers/cards half as much if they're just sitting there. They need to be used! (The pens were never such a problem - I was using them for journalling even when not writing letters. But the deserves to be used.)

I also found this site, which is a list of things to do when you can't think of things to do. Some of them struck me as potentially being very good candidates for Artist's Dates, so I thought I'd share the link! And I've gone to Flickr and been looking at photographs of hot air balloons, which I love watching as they take off. (I'm not at all sure I'd want to be in one - I feel no temptation, only dread, at that idea - but to watch them from the ground? Oh, glorious!)

Now I take a break, maybe go for a walk (I'm still trying to decide), and play some games online while my lemon bars cool. And then, perhaps, I may do up the principles and so on and my affirmations in glittery colors on pretty stationary. Because it sounds neat.


SB said...

Those gel pens sound really great. Inspirational, in fact.

Kara said...

Hi I'm a fellow AW'er. You'd love our (Albuquerque's) balloon fiesta 800+ balloons go up each day. Here is the link
New gel pens and lemon bars...yummy