Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Hah! This morning, looking at the gel pens I already had out and in use, I did not feel like using any of them for the morning pages. And so I grabbed another because it looked fun. Electric bubblegum pink is such an interesting shade on a pen. (My name, not theirs: I don't see any sign of color names on these pens.) I had a great deal of fun. Although the MP's are not meant to be shared, I share a snippet of mine - I have tried to get the color as true as I could to how it looks on the page. It's still not quite right, though, the color is brighter and pinker in reality. I figured the section babbling about the color would be the best to share - quite innocuous, after all, I'm babbling about it here anyway.

The pen didn't quite last to the end of page 3, though. The others have seemed to have more staying power so far, but we'll see. It's still a good deal if some of them only make it that far and I really like having the wide variety of colors.

I also used a red-pink glitter pen to write out the Basic Principles. I did this because if I am to read them regularly, I want to rephrase a couple (for religious preferences); doing it on the fly is distracting. I also did it for the "pretty" factor and not having to keep track of that page. But...having done it, I thought I'd mention it here for the unintended effect - I read them much more closely and deeply than I do when simply "reading" them. The act of "writing" them made me think that much more about what I was putting down, and focussed me on the wording rather than the general sentiment. If you learn more by doing or writing, or if you're curious, perhaps this would be something to try doing - simply copying them. Gel pen and color both optional, of course. They are fun, though!

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kat said...

great idea laura!! i definitely learn things better when i write them down, it's like it sinks in that much deeper.

and i also use a variety of fun colored pens to do my mp's. somehow it makes it easier to get started on those days when i just don't feel like it. :-)