Saturday, January 28, 2006

AW: Week four planning

I will not do week four as total reading deprivation. Yes, I know she says we should, especially if we don't want to. However, her snide tone and cutting-down comments aside, my job requires me to read and write every workday. I like my job, so getting fired from it or on report or yelled at would not be a good thing. And I just reread the chapter four injunction not to read and her tone (quite as snide as she accuses the defensive readers of being, to my eyes - and yes, I am a defensive reader) makes me want to slap her. Or just quit, rather than follow the guidance of an insufferable ***** who likes to be snide and rude and put-down-y in her tone.

Yes, some of this is resistance to the reading thing. Except...I'd resigned myself to that back here, and was planning to keep to that regime or even less time on the 'net. So I'd say most of this is reaction to how she presents it. I wonder how much resistance she CREATES to the no-reading through her manner? Probably quite a bit. I don't want to work with her AT ALL right now.

Nonetheless, I signed up and I will hopefully stop being so irate once I've got some distance from having read her words (guess I should have not-re-read that section to start the week, since I knew what it would tell me anyway!) and have survived the limited reading I'm imposing on myself this week.

In addition to the decisions I made before, I am going to try to limit my IM time to the time allotted for web-browsing also, and I'm going to try to use less than my limit for that (but the stated limit stands).

Honestly, and simply, I could give up the 'net for the week. My job would not suffer. But since it is my primary contact for all my friends, and in many cases my only contact, as well as being a primary contact for my parents, I'm not willing to give it up to that degree. Or even to have to explain to all my friends/family where I've gone.

That said, tomorrow I've got plans; I have tentative plans for next Saturday; I intend to keep busy and, except for touch-base stuff, largely away from reading. I don't intend to use the radio except for traffic reports, or the TV at all (which is no change from the everyday), or to read the news, or anything like that. Which is a huge changefrom how I normally live my life, so perhaps it will be enough to make a difference, even if Ms. Cameron has made it eminently clear that she would disapprove of me utterly.

If not - I can live with that, I guess.

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SB said...

She does seem a bit high & mighty sometimes, doesn't she?