Saturday, July 22, 2006

Still alive, too hot.

This is not the most inspired post ever - I wish it were - I feel like I am in a dead (or is that dead tired?) time. But I am still alive and around and reading (I even occasionally leave comments).

It is very hot here lately - I am in Oregon and we're breaking records - though as far as I can tell it is very hot everywhere lately. I have seen people scoffing that these temperatures happen and it doesn't mean anything, but they are unusual for this time of year and of course I think of global warming.

I wonder when we will wake up to the damage we do - but I am as bad as any, me with my computers and my air conditioner and my car which I use all too often. (Of course, I can argue that I have no choice - the public transportation options from where I live to my job are lousy - but if I moved, there are several places that would offer good transportation options. Of course, then my husband would have lousy options, so....)

I worry. I am very good at worrying. This is not the most useful skill I can think of, to put it mildly. If only I were as good at solutions - or at giving up my luxuries - as I am at worrying....

Sunday, July 02, 2006

This isn't the best poem....

...but every attempt I've made to redraft it hasn't worked, and I want to get the sense of it out there even if I'm not happy in the least with the phrasing and order. So, I'll be scattered. That's part of life too!

Funny Thing, This Summer

I've remembered the heat's not an enemy,
I've remembered lazy summer days
at the park, sprawled on the grass.
I've begun to wear perfume again.
To write. To remember how many things
I have loved, until in fear
I pretended to forget I
ever wanted. To live again,
fear and hope. To bend my head
to my wrist and smell sweet spice,
to speak even if no one is listening.