Saturday, July 22, 2006

Still alive, too hot.

This is not the most inspired post ever - I wish it were - I feel like I am in a dead (or is that dead tired?) time. But I am still alive and around and reading (I even occasionally leave comments).

It is very hot here lately - I am in Oregon and we're breaking records - though as far as I can tell it is very hot everywhere lately. I have seen people scoffing that these temperatures happen and it doesn't mean anything, but they are unusual for this time of year and of course I think of global warming.

I wonder when we will wake up to the damage we do - but I am as bad as any, me with my computers and my air conditioner and my car which I use all too often. (Of course, I can argue that I have no choice - the public transportation options from where I live to my job are lousy - but if I moved, there are several places that would offer good transportation options. Of course, then my husband would have lousy options, so....)

I worry. I am very good at worrying. This is not the most useful skill I can think of, to put it mildly. If only I were as good at solutions - or at giving up my luxuries - as I am at worrying....

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