Saturday, January 21, 2006

Synchronicity with berries in.

Giggling now. Earlier in the week, I bought the blueberry muffin mix, as well as banana muffin mix and brownie mix. All are fat-free, thus I can have them without guilt as I try to keep my cholesterol under control. (Fat's fine, if it is the right kind of fat. None is fine, too, as long as I get some somewhere in my diet.) This morning I made them, because I was in the mood, and it heavily evoked my childhood. In part because off all the elements going at once, the domestic-ness of it. In part because blueberry muffins were one of my favorite childhood treats - and mom made them from a mix (though not this mix, the taste was very similar).

I hadn't read the exercises yet. Does that count as having done exercise 3? *laughing* Maybe it was somewhere in the back of my mind, but it seems impressive if so - the last time I tried to do AW, I did make it past this chapter, but that was maybe a decade ago.

The blueberry muffins are still delicious. Last week's lemon bars, after the "I made it!" glee wore off,weren't. And they're not as good for me as the muffins. So I think the muffins win, thus far.

I want poppyseed muffins sometime, too. But the only mix I can find is almond poppyseed. Can't have those: allergies. I wonder what happens if I put poppyseeds in angel food cake mix? The cake mix can be made to muffins, I know that....

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kat said...

teehee! this is a great synchronicity laura! and yes, it could totally count...althought it might be fun to find another childhood favorite food if you have time. :-)