Saturday, January 28, 2006

AW Week Three checkin

I did the morning pages each day this week, sometimes with resistance, sometimes not. I don't remember much of what went into them but I do remember that sometimes I had ideas for dealing with things that helped me through that particular day. I also remember writing out long lists of memories - not the details, just the key phrase - a couple mornings, because they were just coming to me.

I kind of did and kind of did not do an artist's date. I did not plan one out, set aside time, etc. But, I made the blueberry muffins, I did the photo walk, I wandered a thrift store and then again later I went through Rite-Aid which I normally wouldn't count except I was browsing the sale/$1/cheap items and had a blast (and got four journals for $1 each, plus a little $2.50 holder for tealight candles that I really like). So...I kind of did, but not by planning it.

Synchronicities - lots of little ones this week, and one big one: a friend I have not seen in over a decade, since not long after high school, emailed me. She turned out to be in the area and working maybe 5 minutes' drive from where I work, so Tuesday evening we got together and hung out - just talking and having a great time. (It's not all that unlikely that we would be nearby: we went to high school together in the same general metro area that we're both now living in. But that we'd be that nearby...that was cool.)

I've been writing little snatches of poetry. Getting the urge to try an altered book, although what I'd want or do with one beyond making it I'm not sure. Maybe making it would be the whole point, anyway.

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