Sunday, January 08, 2006

Artist Dates

So, besides the morning pages, the other basic tool is the Artist Date. That's lovely but sometimes it's hard to think of what to do. I know some people are already taking dates - I tried, as you can see from my earlier post - and I've seen some lovely examples. I thought I'd post some of my ideas for dates and then if anyone would like to comment with more ideas, that would be great - I can always use more ideas for these. :) Possibilities I've thought of or heard of (some cost money, some don't):

  • Go to a mall. Browse the things being sold, people-watch, or both, depending on your taste.
  • See a new movie or an old favorite - either in the theater (matinee prices aren't too bad) or at home. Some libraries, like ours, have movies that you can check out for free.
  • Read something you find inspirational or fun. Poetry. How-to books. Fiction. Feel-good tales. Whatever works. Or, browse an art book.
  • Browse a web site - intently, intensely - that you have wanted to look at or are curious about, but haven't made the time for it.
  • If you lie photographs, try the Explore feature on Flickr. You can press the "the last 7 days" link (below the lower right-hand corner of the picture) to get more images. They try to find interesting photos and I enjoy looking at them - plus, it changes since there are always new photos being added.
  • Go to a library or bookstore and browse. Let your curiosity lead you through books you wouldn't normally look at - or through books you would love to look at, but can't afford to own.
  • Treat yourself to a couple hours of relaxation at home - maybe a hot bath, with a book, without a book, staring off into space, daydreaming - whatever pleases you. Candles? Incense? If you want them, add them.
  • Take yourself out on a lunch or dinner date to a restaurant you like, or one you're curious about.
  • Take a walk. If you like to take photographs, take a camera with you; if not, just look for interesting things. (If it's cold, consider taking the walk somewhere indoors.)
  • Visit an art museum, gallery, other sort of museum, local landmark or attraction....
  • Speaking of landmarks and attractions, be a tourist in your own city! Pick up a few of the free flyers in a local hotel lobby (not all have them, but some do), or check online at Yahoo or Citysearch or another site for what the 'attractions' are. Pick based on interest, affordability, being nearby, whatever - and then go play tourist. I find many of us never make time for the 'sights' in our own city, only in other cities when we travel.
  • Immerse yourself in music. Recorded, live - whatever works.

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kat said...

other ideas:

-go to a flea market
-explore an antique store
-go to a poetry reading or open mike night
-get a facial (or give yourself one at home.)

it's fun to brainstorm, i still don't know what i'm going to do this week! eek!