Sunday, January 22, 2006


I've started taking photographs again, as I said, something I've not done in almost a month in any serious way until this past week. I think the holiday photos, while fun, burned me out a bit. And of course they were mostly not very serious/artsy so they also moved me away from that to more casual snapshots. I love those too, but - sometimes it's nice to play around.

For example, the shot below. One morning when I got to work, it was just sunrise and the trees (and parking-lot lights) were silhouetted against a neighboring building that is cream and made a very striking canvas. It was gorgeous, so I took a couple shots. Then I ran the best one through Photoshop Elements. When auto-levels removed all the golden/orange hues of sunrise, I cried foul and undid it. Then I put it back and really looked at it...and decided I liked the result even better than my original intention. It lacks the warmth, yes, but I think the shadow works better and is more striking without those warm colors.


Kara said...

What a surreal photo. I like it! I can imagine when you captured the photo it looked amazing with the warmth of the sunset. Glad to see your photo play.

Kat said...

cool! it is surreal, dream-like, like looking at trees through a wet windshield.

Christine said...

What a great shot, I love the colors.