Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Inspiration: Blogs

That's right, all of you! I'm not going to try to point you at inspiring bloggers - if you need some, follow the link on my sidebar and check out other AW participants listed at Kat's blog! But, that said, here is what I love about reading blogs and journals: the connection and the learning, the encouragement and reinforcement.

I learn new things all the time out here - things I would never have been exposed to if it were not for this loosely-knit (but knit!) online community we call the web. I see points of view I would never have known existed without this kind of exposure. I see crafts I wouldn't have considered - and I share mine. (And to be honest, I have a slight tendency toward drama, so I come up with more ideas just so I can show them off. Anything that brings ideas out!) I see crafts I wouldn't want to do - but to admire the end result of, yes.

Make no mistake, perhaps the most inspiring thing in my life right now is the sheer creative power of those I read, both doing this journey and not. Even the non-creative posts are fodder for thinking: they expose me to other lives, other perspectives, other dreams, other passions. And sometimes I discover I am interested in those same things, that would never have occurred to me without it. Even when I don't, it broadens my world - and that gives me more scope to create from, more awareness.

So - a mid-week thank you to all of you who are reading this, and those who are not but whom I read also!


Kara said...

your welcome :-)

and your blog is inspiration to me.

tess said...

You have said it. That is just how I feel--overwhelmingly inspired by all this creative energy, all these interesting lives--including yours! Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to reading more on your blog.