Friday, March 24, 2006

List Friday: Ten Things

List Friday

This one you can interpret any way you want: What are ten things you need to get rid of and ten things you need to get to bring yourself to personal fruition? What does that mean? You decide.

A. Ten Things to Get Rid Of:

  1. The desk in the computer room. Yes, it's STILL there! But it's cleaner - I think this weekend or next we'll actually be able to remove it. Sigh.
  2. The old clothes I don't wear. I'll make exceptions for a couple really sentimental pieces, as keepsakes, but only a couple. (I still wish I could get back a couple shirts I got rid of a few years back, when under the influence of an 'if you don't use it, declutter it' binge, because I miss them. I still would not wear them, but they said 'parents' and 'love' to me. Luckily, I have other things that also do, but I won't make that mistake again.)
  3. The overabundance of empty boxes. With a few exceptions (computer boxes), it's easy enough to get more when you need to move, and we're not planning to move or anything, so....
  4. The clutter in my craft room (where nothing, including crafting, can be done due to the abundance of stuff). This includes any craft supplies I don't use, and don't think I will use within a few years, unless they happen to have sentimental value (only the fabric from my mother's trips to Mexico comes to mind, and I think I may use that anyway...).
  5. The battered recliner in the library. Yes, it is still usable. But we have a perfectly nice bean-bag chair we prefer, which needs the same amount of space and would go wonderfully in there.
  6. My constant watching of others' opinions (or seeming opinions) of me. It is one thing to acknowledge that, no, I don't want to be known as the biggest jerk of the 'net, and yes, my boss does need to like my work. It is another to fret and freak every time it seems like a friend (or worse, an acquaintance) might not think I am All That. Why should they? I'm not All That. I like to think I'm a neat person, I have gifts to give the world, I have things I am good at, but last I checked I don't have magic powers or sainthood or anything. I want to stop wanting to be All That.
  7. New hobbies. Seriously. I need to play with the ones I have and any of those that don't resonate need to be discarded too. The sheer amount of time I spend on these things....
  8. My allergies. Please, please let the allergy shots work and my allergies go away. (At least enough that the antihistamines can actually handle the rest of it. If I have to take the claratin every day for the rest of my life, that's fine, if it's all I need.) Yes, this is a long-term thing, but I would so so like it.
  9. Some of the (refined) sugar in my diet. Not all. But some. I need to be eating less of that stuff. (I know some people would say I need to be eating none of it. At this point, I'm not sure that's a plausible goal.)
  10. The fake water. It was fun, but I don't think the results are neat enough or the fun fun enough to justify the cost. I'll finish out the current batch, and that's it.

B. Ten Things To Get:

  1. The bookshelf, into the computer room, where the desk is!
  2. Some form of exercise that I enjoy. Or at least tolerate better than the current options. The only type of exercise I have so far found that is not amazingly boring is walking, but it becomes boring when I get used to the route, and for bonus points, I can't do it through a large chunk of the summer (I do not handle heat well) or a small part of the winter (those rare days with ice, as I don't like slipping), and it's not what I'd call fun in several other possible weathers.... (Don't suggest some trainer thing in front of the TV, please. Tried that. Dislike TV. Does not work well.)
  3. A stronger sense of self and what I want to do - and what I don't want to do.
  4. The ability to think better under pressure; particularly the ability to think and express myself well when talking to someone in person (much harder than a post, which I can think over, edit, proof, etc.!).
  5. Poems published! :)
  6. More poems written. I'd like to have a chapbook's worth of new poems that I think are good by the end of the year, if possible. (Whether or not I compile them into a chapbook is irrelevant to this goal; they may or may not be suited to all be placed side-by-side, after all.)
  7. Better sheets for the bed. What we got will do for now, but I'd rather have something in tan or brown.
  8. Blueberry muffins. I think I'll work on that later today.
  9. Poetry journal subscriptions. Reading these has fed my soul, heart, and mind. (Well, some of them have. A couple have simply been removed from my list of places to submit, with a wince in one case.)
  10. The mortgage paid off. (I wouldn't have listed this - it will be on every list of this sort for years - but I ran out of other things, so....)

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Loretta said...

Your list has so many things on it that I could have on my own, esp cutting back on the hobbies and removing the clutter. I think most of could spring into spring with less "stuff" in mind, body and spirit.

thanks for playing!