Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ahhh, progress.

The week has, as noted, been hectic with work. How ironic, then, to run into workaholism in this week! While my life has some aspects of that - I take on too many projects - my day-job work is not normally one of them. I'd just as soon not be on call but it is a necessary part of a job I love. And I don't mind the on-call work. I mind the on-call timing. It can eat up a good chunk of the evening, distract, or (as happened both Thursday and Friday morning) wake me up an hour before the alarm goes off, disrupting my sleep (and, since I need to urgently fix something, replacing 'sleep' with 'stress' which is even worse, although often it is not major stress at least). Most weeks it is not like that! This one has been unusually bad for the recent weeks (I know it could be worse - it can always be worse).

But today has been much better. I have not had a call all day from work. I am rested, relaxed, even getting things done (gasp!). I have pained some more on the ivy bowl and I think I will stop and try it with a light now and see how it does. I may or may not be done with that. I have tried more with the fake water...I think my big, ambitious project did not work, but I will wait and see when it hardens. I will not attempt it again if it didn't work - because it's just too expensive and because I've learned what I wanted to - but I think I will (whether it works or not!) borrow a couple of the ideas/components for other, much smaller projects.

Of the six magazines I noted down, I had web sites for five and checked them out. (The sixth says submission guidelines are on the web site, but I don't have a web site. I suspect I forgot to write it down. I'll look it up in Poet's Market when that gets here, and figure it out.) I'm disregarding one for the moment - each issue is themed (which is fine) and the themes are published on the web (yay!), but they're published as pictures and not text, and the image links are broken (oops). Not only does this make it really hard to figure out whether there's an upcoming issue I might submit to, it's a bit wince-worthy in its own right. (Although all six are paper publications, so lack of competence on the web page is not an automatic 'no way' the way it would be for a web publication! *grins*)

I've used a web form to get samples of one, I have a snail-mail address for another, and the other two remaining ones of the four have copies of current (and sometimes back) issues at Powell's downtown. Since I also wanted to go there to look for blank-unlined journals, and just to enjoy going there, I think I have a trip to Powell's ahead of me. That's not doable this weekend (since I'm on call) or Monday (ditto). But after Monday I'm not on call and I could go in. I'm thinking of heading over on Tuesday evening although the traffic will make that interesting, and I don't know how much of a pain it would be to find parking. I usually go downtown on weekends. I think I'll try on Tuesday, though - and maybe I'll find a few 'zines I wasn't aware of, too. Who knows?

Now, to get at least some of my backlog of morning pages read and a few exercises done, so I feel like I'm doing the Artist's Way as well as the art (though if I have to pick between those two the art will win, I'd like to do both until I've finished the AW...).

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