Saturday, March 04, 2006

AW: Week 8 Check-In

Summary: Errrr. What AW week? ^^;

1. Morning pages?

Three days in the morning when I first got up. One day in the late morning (11:45 am) during a break at work. One day in the early evening when I got home. Thursday, Friday, and so far today, missed.

2. Artist Date?

Er. I don't think I managed one. Unless playing lots and lots of World of Warcraft and having a blast counts.

3. Synchronicity?

Not really. Unless you count the bed arriving in one week instead of 4-6, but frankly I was anything but blessed by that.

4. Other issues?

On Sunday, I went to the appropriate library and worked on picking out possible poetry publications to submit to! Just an initial list of a few to check the submissions guidelines for them. But I did it! :)

I couldn't pick a topic to write about this week, as far as what was inspirational to me. As you could probably tell. So I decided to see if I could do a post-a-day. I had fun with these - mostly I wrote them ahead of time as drafts, then posted them, though Monday morning's was a miss on that account. I'd like to think these were little creative endeavors with words; doing it this way rather than skimping on one of the topics, made me quite happy.

Unfortunately, the week just got too stressy after Wednesday and I missed. On the plus side, our bed is here now, but it was not exactly the fun peaceful endeavor I was hoping for, since I thought we had time to clean, acquire sheets, etc. We didn't. The DH did the cleaning, we had to get the other stuff this morning and I was nearly in tears from frustration by the end of it. But we have it. The bed is beautiful; the timing of its arrival, perhaps not so much so. The men who delivered it were very efficient and polite and great to work with, so at least the actual delivery of the bed was totally non-traumatic.

I did no exercises this week, other than the teacher one. I think the "time" theme matters a lot to me, but...tough. I'll go back to them if I'm bored and looking for something to do, or after the AW, but otherwise, trying to re-capture them will only cause me to fall behind and get discouraged, I think.

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