Sunday, March 26, 2006

The desk is out, the shelves are in.

The DH and I removed the desk (he did most of the work) and then I put up the bookshelves (all by myself). Well, they're not quite totally up - I need another shelf kit to finish what I want to do - but I can get that after work tomorrow and it will be about five minutes' work to finish the deed then.

VERY pleased with how it looks. And now I can measure the space and work out what kind of table/shelves will fit between the bookcase and the desk, too. If I'm very lucky I might get that on the way home tomorrow also. But I'm not counting on it. Just the shelf set, as I know where to get it and so on.

And boy can I feel the desk and bookcase in my shoulders and arms. Still, just looking at it pleases me.


GreenishLady said...

Just hearing about it pleases me. It's great to see plans that have been germinating a while finally flower for someone. You'll find a new burst of energy in your new space, I'm sure. Well done!

Laura said...

Hehe. Yeah. I even want to sort out what belongs where. I'd better get that shelf kit, before that wears off! :)

megg said...

hi there - i just read your comment and followed you back here! What a feeling to get yourself sorted out so you have a wonderful place to work! I'm looking forward to coming back and reading more!!