Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good things and sweet moments.

Last night I went to Powell's, as planned, and got the journals. And my Amazon order arrived. (I paid for that order largely with the company gift certificate; and when I'm on call for work I get paid extra, which was nice for covering the Powell's trip....) So now I am well-buried in poetry (yay!) and have a couple new journals with blank pages (these are way a pain to find ones I like, drat it, and these are not the type I wanted so I'm not sure if they will work - I could get sketchbooks but the covers of the spiral-bound are hard to modify and they're soooo ugly and the non-spiral-bound are not great to use!).... Wow that was a digression.

Anyway, despite the whininess, it was a blast. I've started the process of reading through these to figure out where I want to submit, as well as simultaneously checking (and polishing, in some cases) the poems I think are ready to be sent out. Now to determine the first place(s) to submit, and the poems to submit. *deep breath* Nervy! But happy.

Next week will be good. I have the week off and can spend time catching up on this, household chores, the AW, etc. Hopefully I even will spend the time that way. Not all of it. Some will be for relaxing, having fun, doing nothing at all but simply being. But, I'd like to invest some of the extra time in cleaning, AW, and poetry.

I also stopped at Michael's and picked up a few little things for $1 each or less, notepads and stickypads and such, to brighten both my desk at work and the one at home.

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tinker said...

I love Michael's dollar bins - of course, by the time I've picked up this, that & the other, those dollars add up quickly!