Sunday, March 12, 2006


Overall, this weekend has been a good one. I wrote a first-draft poem. I've started re-reading my morning pages (yes, a week late, but this is when I had time...and boy does it take for-EVER). I think the first ivy bowl is finalized. It's not how I thought - but then, I can't find a light for how I thought it would be, either. I am going to try taking it to work anyway, and setting it on the windowsill where it will catch the sunlight. If that doesn't look good, I'll bring it home and try something else, but I think it will. Maybe in time I can find something to put in it (not any part of what I originally envisioned, since there was going to be a light in there - but this is more transparent than I'd thought, and I like that - plus there haven't been any lights I've found that seem reasonable - those fake tea lights, even assuming the battery lasts as long as they claim on the package, eat batteries way too quick!).

I finished my big fake-water project. It's just a matter of waiting for it to dry and all now. It did not turn out how I envisioned either. I am not sure yet if it turned out well enough that I will keep it. I made a mistake that definitely marred it - but I think it may look okay from one side, in which case, I can just turn it, after all. I'll figure that out tomorrow evening, I guess, when it's had more time to set.

I have a list of poetry journals to check out, as noted in an earlier entry. I tentatively plan to go to Powell's downtown, Tuesday night after work, where they have some issues of two of these journals. Two more, I will have to send away for sample copies or subscriptions to see them.

Today I played a bit of World of Warcarft, without letting it consume my weekend. Then I caught up on all the Artist's Way bloggers who have RSS/atom feeds (that I found when perusing your sites, anyway). At some point I made banana muffins. They're good. They're "don't leave me alone with the muffins" good. A quick warm shower, then got the bills paid and wrote quick notes (snail-mail notes - which I value but don't write as often as I could wish!) to three of my friends. I used cards from Tree-Free Cards (they don't sell directly, but a search on tree-free cards will turn up all sorts of sites that do sell them), which I simply adore. Not just because they're tree-free (not even mostly so, to be honest), but because they are absolutely gorgeous - and so are the envelopes. I can find equally-gorgeous cards lots of places, but the envelopes are harder to match. They're incredible!


Marilyn said...

Sounds like a productive weekend. I'll be thinking of you in Powell's...could there possibly be a better bookstore...anywhere?! :)

azure atelier said...

Hi there, Thanks for popping by my blog. Sounds like you had a busy weekend!