Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A few memes for the day....

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You Want, but Don't Need
  1. A winning lottery ticket.
  2. A hot tub (which I doubt I'd use very often if at all, I just want it because it sounds neat; and how pathetic is that?)
  3. A maid service (for one thing, most of what needs done is tidying, and I wouldn't let them touch it anyway - if they could magically do what I wish I were doing...)
  4. A personal chef
  5. A year, all expenses paid, month-long retreats in various exotic locations (Ireland, something in Spain, Italy, maybe something near the Grand Canyon....) alternating with months at home. And my job still waiting for me after, please.
  6. A pound of maple sugar. (I really don't need this one. I'd be embarrassed to admit how fast I'd eat it all!)
  7. A steady, infinite supply of the fake water I'm playing with. I'm having such a blast. (I am getting myself some - I think I need some - but it's too expensive to do everything I think of. Alas! And I probably don't need to do all of that, either, it just sounds fun.)
  8. A hybrid car. (Though that will be on the consideration list if we need to replace one, but I don't need to get one before that point - and maybe not then.)
  9. Someone else to assemble and place the bookshelves.
  10. Teleportation as a viable form of travel for vacations and commutes.

It's hard thinking of things because, mostly, if it's something that's worth wanting I get it and if it's not it fades. So if the items seem improbable (or, in the case of #10, possibly impossible), well...oh well! :)

Question of the Day: What if tomorrow, instead of being March 1st, was actually a special type of leap year day. It was one that wouldn't be documented anywhere in time, and you can do whatever you want on this day (anything legal), what would you do?

I'd sleep in. And then I'd pay the bills, do some laundry, work on the AW exercises, play with the fake water project I have going now, paint the ivy bowl a bit more, and otherwise vegetate, read, and play World of Warcraft. I might write some poetry; I might not; but it would be a day for play and rest.

I suppose I "should" say I'd clean the computer room, but - I wouldn't. I'll do that again at some point (I am making progress) but right now I'd love a day off and it wouldn't involve any cleaning (unless the urge struck unexpectedly, anyway).


Marilyn said...

I had to laugh at your 10 Things list. J. went to the store late this evening and came back with some lottery ticket forms...I laughed and said, "Is that the answer to our problems?" :) My brother bought my sister-in-law a hot tub for Xmas...and it's still sitting in the driveway...so much for those Winter soaks. :) I, too, would love to escape for a month at a time...and then return home...but not to a job...ha! And maid service and a personal chef? NOW you're barking up my tree! :)

tess said...

I had to laugh reading this list. I was just talking to a friend today and we were both daydreaming about two of the items on your list. I said, "Yeah, it's like I keep screaming at the universe,'Did you forget something?? I was supposed to have a MAID! And a chef! What happened?" Alas... I keep dreaming the world stopping so I can just sleep in a month or so of hidden time. Alas...Thanks for the laughs. Hope you get that hot tub. Hmmm...I think my list would look an awful lot like yours.