Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Morning Pages Book This is my morning pages journal. I bought this years ago and never used it as it was an inconvenient size - a full 8.5x11! So it was perfect for MPs. (Undecorated plain notebooks leave me feeling like I don't value myself. I have no problem with "wasting" pretty books on MPs, I got pretty books to "waste" them on whatever I feel like and to enjoy looking at them while I do it!) I think after this one I may (gasp!) use one smaller than she recommends. I'll adjust page-count so I'm writing as much, if so. See my comment about the inconvenient size - it is hard to find pretty journals in this size, but it's also a pain to carry it around, etc. I am not sorry I've been using it but I do not want to feel bound to go pick up more books (trust me, I have plenty, they're just not the "regulation" size).

How blogger handles images DRIVES ME NUTS. I want the image to float to the right of the paragraph above and nothing else, but I can't get it to do that. It floats to the right of whatever ends up left of it which will depend on your screen size. When the image is part of the paragraph, why?? I hate this crap.

Anyway, hopefully I've left enough space that this isn't next to the stupid picture of my stupid journal on this stupid web page. (Sorry, being a petty child there for a bit!)

Another meme, unrelated to the first, now - twenty things about myself:

  1. I'm a poet. I've been published twice, once in a little local 'zine (years ago: I suspect it's long gone) and once in the college 'zine. I might get published more if I were sending my poetry out.
  2. I'm a computer programmer.
  3. I'm a bit of a packrat and clutter-keeper. I'm working on this - controlling the stuff I want to keep, and choosing it better.
  4. I'm married, and have been married for less than a year (although we've been together a decade).
  5. I like pop rock and folk rock. If I can't understand the words, though, I probably don't like it.
  6. I don't understand most "funny" commercials these days. If the company's customers are really that dumb, why would I want to identify myself with them by buying that company's product?
  7. I have allergies. They're not life-threatening but they certainly are miserable at times, even with my taking medicine for them and getting other treatments.
  8. I'm very talkative and social, but I'm actually an introvert: time spent by myself recharges me (so I can go enjoy time with other people again too!).
  9. I don't mind doing the laundry but I hate folding it. (The DH doesn't mind folding, and dislikes doing laundry. I think we're very lucky....)
  10. I like to dress for comfort. I don't wear worn clothes - I don't like looking as if I am a rag-bag - but if it isn't comfortable, I'm not going to wear it. There's no point in looking like a million bucks and feeling like I'd gladly SPEND a million bucks if I could only breathe (finish my meal, etc.). :P
  11. I live in Oregon, on the west coast of the United States. I grew up here; I think it is lovely and green. It rains a lot, and I adore the rain too. I am HOME here and so glad of it.
  12. I drive everywhere, often by myself. I know that we "should" use public transit more, but this would be easier if the local public transit were useful. (My commute to work is 15-20 minutes. By public transit it would be 1-1.5 hours. EACH WAY. I don't have a spare 2 hours a day, folks. And that's assuming I go point-to-point rather than, as really happens, stopping to shop on the way home, etc. which is not even necessarily possible on the public transit which doesn't go to/near all those stores....)
  13. I love candles. For a long time I owned them but did not burn them, but in the past six months I have been fixing this and actually burning them again. I have a gorgeous dark chocolate one in here now, as well as vanilla tea lights. I kind of regret the vanilla tea lights, I like the smell but they make me sneeze!
  14. In college, I double-majored in computer science and Spanish. I no longer speak or read Spanish on a regular basis and I've no doubt lost a lot of it.
  15. I have trouble bringing myself to sign up for classes. Workshops are fine. I am on call for work two weeks in seven and I would have to trade with coworkers or not be able to go to class those weeks. I don't like the idea of taking a class and then missing some of it so I get confused and behind!
  16. I used to roleplay. I don't seem to make time for this any more, except at a gaming convention once a year. I'm trying to decide if this is a bad thing, or just a change. I like roleplaying but it may be that I just don't like it as much as other things - which I think is the case. Not sure yet.
  17. I don't play very many computer games. The exception is World of Warcraft. I stink at most such games and thus find them boring pretty quickly. WoW was made to be easier/more accessible and, at least for my abilities, they succeeded and I find it quite fun. Maybe too fun, I have to be careful not to let it eat my free time sometimes!
  18. I'm going to the furniture store tomorrow with the DH to pick out a new bed! Right now we're using a futon bed and I'll be glad to see the last of it.
  19. I don't exercise enough. Heck, if you don't count the stairs at home and work, and walking around a BIT to get places, I don't really exercise at all. I want to do something about that at some point in the near future.
  20. I don't get the newspaper but I do read the news online. Sometimes, I wonder why, as it's rather disheartening most days!


Blue Dog said...

oooh--your journal looks like a Tiger Eye stone! It's beautiful--and I really like the size. I've been writing in smaller journals for so long that I think I've forgotten what it feels like to write in a regular, note-book size--except for sometimes in class when I have my students freewrite, I write with them in my yellow spiral bound...and it feels good--all that space!

And I agree--mp's are worth nice journals. heck--why not?!

Thanks for posting a photo of your writing space. :)

I hate folding laundry too. Unfortunately, so does my husband. :P

Kelly L. Watson said...

thank you for your kind words. Your journal is gorgeous! I have a hard time finding the right size too - have you tried moleskins?

Laura said...

I have looked at moleskines in the store but I am not willing to try them. They look plain and even ugly to me, which is the opposite of inspiring. They seem to have rigid covers which suggest they would be hard to open flat. And they come shrink-wrapped so that I can't open them and confirm or dispel that impression. I don't care to buy something I'm as wary of as I am moleskines - and they're horribly expensive for small bland black books. Perhaps if I could open them and find they do lie flat and are perfect inside I might buy them - but I doubt it. Pen and cover matter more to me than paper as long as the paper is of a reasonable quality to be written on, so the moleskines would probably not be able to redeem themselves on that basis even if I could see the inside. As it is, I'm happy to grab journals I can open and check out instead of the secretive kind. (Every so often a shrink-wrapped journal gets bought becaues the cover is just that cool, of course.)