Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Good things. Yay, good things!

I actually did my daily pages today. First time since I said I would start doing them again. Oops. But, several good things so far this week. First, I wrote this on Monday morning as a note to myself:

Of course today is the day that I do not have my camera since we are going bowling tonight and I didn't want to have to haul it along.

Went out this morning to find it was 22 degrees and the car windows (and body!) were covered, not in a solid frost except for the back window, but in little frost flowers, the fine delicate lines spreading out and blooming. They were so beautiful I hated to remove them but it's very hard to drive without being able to see so I had to!

Then, driving in, as I came up the hill on Elligsen, the sunrise behind me was a glory of pink-peach-shading-to-orange, not eye-burning bright but glowing, alive, glowing from within, beautiful, beautiful. As I drove the last bit to work, later, it had gone brassy orange,
and then from brassy faded to a gentle orange that tinged the clouds now creamy, just barely shading them, behind the silhouette elegance of winter-bare trees...beautiful, so beautiful.

Second, that same evening I went out to go bowling. First I stopped to get dinner - and I ate my sandwich sitting in the car because it was snowing. Beautiful, delicate little snowflakes - in 40 degree weather! Floating down and melting off, so ethereal and impermanent and magical. Just a perfect moment as I had been very disappointed, we had a week of freezing temps and no snow - here it was not freezing and here was my snow - and in 40 degree weather. Delicate, fleeting, magical!

Third, I've actually done some of those projects! I tried the shadow photos. I couldn't work out what to put in mine so I've tabled that for the moment. Meanwhile I did the fake water. I really want to brighten my desk up at work, fake flowers are part of that. (Real ones, I'm pretty bad at keeping alive, I fear.) Thus I've produced this:

Then too, I did an experiment. I knew I would not want to use the result as I did not have the proper container to make it with but it let me test a theory. What I want is a smaller, rounded container, that I can peel off the end result when it's hard. Then I can cut the stem (if I use flowers - there are other options too!). But this is the test case (getting this cup off may be hard or impossible, and of course, it wouldn't be that pretty even if I did):

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Kat said...

oo, i know what you mean about those frost flowers. they can be so pretty.

and that fake water is so cool!!! i totally thought it was a vase with live flowers in it before i read the paragraph. :-)