Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ah, sweet weekend. reading yet?

It amuses me. After all the horrid bits of not-reading this past week and finally just breaking it entirely for blogs/journals (and abruptly balancing a lot better), what happened this morning when I could read anything again, including the half-finished novel I stopped in the middle of last Saturday?

I moved the last bits of hardware onto my new desk, took a photo, posted it, did my AW check-in, went up to the Japanese Gardens and listened to the water-song and bird-song, stopped at Powell's and bought a couple books and a gift for a co-worker, got the supplies to hopefully grow some columbines (I love columbines!), and did the grocery shopping. It's 2:15 in the afternoon...and I have not read, yet, other than the blogs/journals. I haven't even read the AW chapter!

Of course, now I am home and out of "ooo must do this!" things, so after I eat a late lunch I likely will read some. But I did not go on a whole-hearted binge, nor did I even want to, which I take as a Good Thing.

Speaking of which, here is my new desk setup (as uploaded to Flickr - here is my whole photostream, which you can also reach from the links on that photo).

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