Saturday, February 18, 2006

Just because I want something else up here....

...I am posting. Truly, I am just in a bad mood this week, and it sort of...permeated everything. Which is why I've been quiet, but now it's out there.

I was going to upload some of the photos I took this week, to share! But, none of them turned out well - at least not in ways I intended; there may be something to do with them art-wise in time, but nothing that jumps right out at me when viewing. There are a couple exceptions but they are in-jokes and family things, things that are precious to me but not easily explained beyond myself and the DH. (On the other hand, I'm deeply grateful that the photos of the Valentine's balloon heart came out, even if they're not photos that I really deem worth posting. It was a funny gift to give him - for reasons that are hard to explain and even harder to make sound sane - and now I have a record of it.)

The misbehaving washing machine mostly won, but not entirely. I had to throw out two pillows. (Let me rephrase that: they could have been saved. Frankly, I'd rather buy two new pillows than wring out two thoroughly-sodden pillows by hand, because the washer has decided it can't handle them on spin cycle, when it used to just fine.) So, I went and got two new pillows. There are two more waiting to be washed; I will take them and the comforter to the laundromat tomorrow. Unless I don't want to, in which case Tuesday. (Monday I have a commitment and it will probably run too late to do that.) I have just now looked up where the nearest laundromat is, which I did not know until now. Pity I need to!

On the plus side, the two new pillows I got are hypo-allergenic, and I got sleeves for them and the remaining pillows to help with keeping dust and dust mites out (in addition to the usual cases; these sleeves zip shut). And I got a couple socks. And a pair of amazingly soft, pettable, cuddly socks. Even the soles are soft. I have the feeling I will break my neck in these socks one day, sliding across the kitchen floor, but they were so soft, how could I resist? Also got two soft cute purple valentine's heart pillows (purple is an in-joke for us) on sale for 50 cents each. Yes, Valentine's Day is over, but "true love" and "forever" are topical any time. And besides, they're soft and pettable too!

I need forks. Why is it that the options (even if I look at sets, which I neither want nor need an entire silverware set) range from 'ugly' to 'blah'? There is nothing I like. I like our current ones just fine, except that some have gone missing and I'd like to have enough to get through the week without sometimes having to devolve to plastic forks. But the pattern we have, I cannot find (no real surprise, I suppose) and the ones that are out there are unpleasant to me. I've tried several places - malls, outlet malls, the local not impressed. Hopefully I will find something. If not, well, we have plastic forks. We can hold out a while, especially considering we only need to dip into them occasionally.

I had a good time today on World of Warcraft, at least. The rest of my life was dominated by the washing machine battle, but on WoW it went really well. Tomorrow I will hopefully have some more good in the rest of my life.

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Kat said...

we had a case of the disappearing forks a year or so ago and we found these fairly inexpensive sets of forks at crate and barrel. They were in the back of the store away from the fancier full sets, and you could buy a pack of 4 (or 6?) forks, which was all we really needed. perhaps that could be your luxury item for this week?


as for the jealousy thing. i can only think of one person at the moment who i am truly jealous of. that's not a bad thing tho hon! just go with that and forget the rest.

gah, don't you just hate misbehaving appliances? i've got a clogged up bathtub right now that's driving me nuts!! ah well.