Sunday, March 26, 2006

The desk is out, the shelves are in.

The DH and I removed the desk (he did most of the work) and then I put up the bookshelves (all by myself). Well, they're not quite totally up - I need another shelf kit to finish what I want to do - but I can get that after work tomorrow and it will be about five minutes' work to finish the deed then.

VERY pleased with how it looks. And now I can measure the space and work out what kind of table/shelves will fit between the bookcase and the desk, too. If I'm very lucky I might get that on the way home tomorrow also. But I'm not counting on it. Just the shelf set, as I know where to get it and so on.

And boy can I feel the desk and bookcase in my shoulders and arms. Still, just looking at it pleases me.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

AW: Week 11 Check-In

1. Morning Pages?

4 out of 7. After Tuesday I just...stopped doing them. No idea why; I had time. I think I was avoiding facing the fact that I was not getting as much done as I'd have liked, avoiding the "shoulds" which ambush me in the MPs every time if I'm not meeting them. It turns into to-do-list-ville. I'm not sure, though. Picked them up this morning just fine - and I had started back in on both the big shoulds. Huh. :P

No, I don't recommend them to anyone else. People around me (hi, all!) are doing them and frankly, I'm still not convinced they are in fact beneficial overall. Some days, they are, but I'm not sure if they daily writing of 3 pages is beneficial for anything other than doctors who specialize in repetetive stress injury. (Joking - I'm sure, if nothing else, the RSI specialists will see me sooner due to my use of computers than to writing anything out longhand!)

2. Artist's Date?

I had a whole week off this week! I did some things for my poetry, I read stuff online, I vegged around, I played World of Warcraft...I had a blast. And I got up to the Japanese Gardens for the first time this spring. That wasn't so stellar because there was a big ol' school tour there which kind of damages the calm a bit, but I was able to mostly dodge it.

3. Synchronicity?

...not that I can really think of, no.

4. Other stuff?

I have submitted three poems to a magazine. Now the waiting begins - no idea how long it takes at this magazine but let's just say this could be a slow process. :) I have sent a letter to another asking for their submission guidelines; they don't have a website but based on the sample issue, I would very much like to submit. I have some poems picked out but I want to read the guidelines first, obviously! (I don't know if they will have a lot more info than what is in Poet's Market or not...but they do say in there you can write to get them, so....)

Now, to not lose momentum working on producing new poetry! That should not be too hard, these are basically in limbo post-production, after all. (And to not lose momentum in finding a few more places I'd like to be published, also. So that I'll have other places to submit poems that don't make it into the first market I send them to.)

Later today, I'll do some more with the fake water. I'm not buying any more of it, but, I still have some left over so I might as well do what I can. It's neat, but it's not really fun any more, especially since so often it doesn't turn out that great. It's primarly useful for its original purpose - straightforward arrangements in vases - and frankly those get old. (For me, anyway.)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Some of my favorites, from Flickr....

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