Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Friends are a good thing.

This past weekend, we flew to Denver and spent the weekend with friends from college (members of a club my husband and I were both in), and some people from the same group that we did not know. It felt like coming back to family and dear friends, even the strangers. It was excellent recharging time, and - forgive me, Mom and Dad - not associated with memories of my parents. I treasure those memories, but in this space I wasn't thinking about what I have lost, but about what I still have.

I have been blessed so many ways. And I still am, in many of those same ways.

That includes some of you, who read and who think of me, and who leave a comment here.

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Kara said...

Laura, I came around to catch up on reading and check on you. I left you a comment on your early post. I just want to tell you on this post that I am glad you had a good weekend. Recharge time is important and not at all a dishonor to your dear parents. You won't lose their memories. Just take care - hugs