Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Scarce, but still here--

I'm busy for a couple weeks and will post sparsely if at all, but I am intending to actually be present and I am still trying to keep up on reading. This is not me falling off the face of the earth indefinitely again, it's just that other aspects of my life are veryvery busy. (Actually some of them creative, but creative at work so I'm not likely to say much about those here.)

Meanwhile, I uploaded two more photos to Flickr. One is a photo of a road near my parents' house - no wonder I'm allergic to the area, right? The other is a photo of Scott at my parents' house with their cat Babe. Babe looks psychotic; Scott's being cute. If it's a cute photo with a cat in it, does it count as a cute cat photo? :D

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Kara said...

I know all about sparse posting right now - and it's okay - afterall it is the summer time. I like the photos - too bad something so lush causes you such misery. Glad to hear you have some creativity going on even if you can't elaborate on it.